Wash My Windows? But there’s a Drought!


If you live in California, you’ve probably noticed the scarcity in rain lately. You probably know that the state is in a drought (again) and some emergency conservation restrictions are now in place. You may even have heard the chirpy radio commercial where the state is thanking you for keeping your car filthy, your fountains off, and turning your tropical garden into a rock garden. So, why would you want to have your windows washed?

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, there are health benefits to natural sunlight in your home and office. The easiest way to put it is that sunlight makes people happy. A variety of studies show that natural sunlight improves mood, productivity, and sleep patterns. Clean windows and screens allow more natural sunlight into your environment – making your environment a happier place.


window cleaning bucket_4a


1 House = 1 Bucket of Window Cleaning Water

And still you ask, “But what about the drought?” The truth is that a professional can wash all the windows in your home – outside and inside – with only 1 to 3 gallons of water. This is not a wasteful process. You could easily save that amount of water in one day by fixing any leaky faucets and shower heads in your home. Additionally, once completed, you can request the window cleaner to dispose of the used water in your garden and save an irrigation cycle.

All in all, water conservation is paramount for all Californians. However, there are more practical measures to saving water than allowing your windows and screens to become totally covered in grime. Having a professional window washing once or twice a year uses very little water, improves the appearance of your home, and makes your living environment a happier place.