Rain Won’t Wash Your Windows!

Have you ever noticed how your car seems dirtier after it rains? Your home’s windows have the same problem.

Rain and fog do not wash your windows any more than they wash your car. When you think about washing, you probably think about more than just water – why would your home be any different?


What’s in that Water Anyway?Rain on a window

First of all, there is more in rain than just water. Rain includes all the pollutants that are in the air – pollen, dirt, exhaust, and whatever else may be floating around your neighborhood. Those particles remain when rain water dries by evaporation. Additionally, wet things attract dry things. So, while the rain is evaporating, the moisture is attracting other particles that also stick around once the water is gone.


Washing is a Process

If you stand in the shower with the water on, are you washing? No. Rinsing, but not washing. Washing includes additional ingredients an action.


Soap is Good

Bar soap or body wash for your skin, shampoo for your hair, or detergent for your clothes, dishes, and windows; a good cleaning includes a cleaning agent.


Elbow Grease

Soap is good, but it cannot do good without some effort. Scrubbing and/or agitation are part of the washing process.


Active Drying

While many things can drip dry after a good wash — your hair or clothes, for example — it is not good for everything. Remember, drip drying is just drying by evaporation. You probably dry your body off with a towel to save time or wipe your dishes dry to avoid water spots. Evaporation takes time and leaves behind whatever particles were in the water. And, during the process, more dirt accumulates because moisture attracts dry particles.


Get Your Windows Washed

Depending on the rain to wash your windows ignores the process of washing. While a torrential storm may provide enough “scrubbing” to loosen the dirt, you’re missing the soap and left with the results of evaporation. A professional window-washing removes the dirt without adding more because the job is not complete until the windows are dry. Additionally, professional cleanings generally include your screens – improving the view from those newly shiny windows.