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The Value of Getting Your Business Windows Cleaned

Undeniably, the appearance of a facility or storefront is critical for a business. Imagine walking on the streets of downtown Walnut Creek or 4th Street in Berkeley and seeing the clean windows of the boutiques. To enhance the appeal of their company, many business owners consider commercial window cleaning services a supreme solution. However, besides […]

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Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning: Mood

You do not need a SAD (seasonal affective disorder) diagnosis to feel down in the dark. Plenty of studies correlate light and mood – if you have more light, you tend to have a better mood. Turns out that light deprivation literally kills the brain. Yet, it is important to know that not all light […]

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Benefits of Professionally Cleaned Windows: Allergies

In the San Francisco Bay Area, any season can be allergy season – it just depends on what you’re allergic to. However, as a drought state, many complain of dust, grass, and pollution allergies. Additionally, despite being a drought state, the region’s humidity can aggravate mold allergies. More Reasons to Have Your Windows Professionally Cleaned! […]

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Wash My Windows? But there’s a Drought!

If you live in California, you’ve probably noticed the scarcity in rain lately. You probably know that the state is in a drought (again) and some emergency conservation restrictions are now in place. You may even have heard the chirpy radio commercial where the state is thanking you for keeping your car filthy, your fountains off, and turning […]

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How Often Do I Need to Have My Windows Cleaned?

Few people ask this question, and the people who do tend to expect the answer to be somewhere around once a decade. The real answer is that, well, it depends. As window washers, we would love to see our clients trained to the same six to eight week schedule that is common in England. However, […]

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Rain Won’t Wash Your Windows!

Have you ever noticed how your car seems dirtier after it rains? Your home’s windows have the same problem. Rain and fog do not wash your windows any more than they wash your car. When you think about washing, you probably think about more than just water – why would your home be any different? […]

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Window Cleaning in Marin

You’ll find the A-1 crew personable, skilled and hard-working. Clients often have such a great experience with one window cleaner that they’ll request a team member by name the next time they have their windows cleaned. Here, Rene and Edwin are letting the sunshine in (with their squeegees and their smiles!) in Marin on Friday.

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High Window Cleaning in Sausalito

What to do when windows are too high for ladders? Sometimes coming down from a rope with a chair is an option. In this case, we used our water fed pole to make the windows sparkle on this house in Sausalito last week.  

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