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5 Reasons to Get your Solar Panels Cleaned

 Solar panels are very popular in the San Francisco Bay Area and need to be cleaned. Solar panels consist of solar cells covered by a glass coating and, just like windows, the longer they are outside, the dirtier they get and require cleaning. Although most solar panels are self-cleaning, dust, bird droppings, and other substances […]

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Improve Efficiency, Clean Your Solar Panels

Have you gone solar? If so, congratulations on all that money you are saving. Or, are you? Only recently have solar panel manufacturers and installers started to recommend regular cleaning of solar panels. Before, the misconception that rain would wash solar panels – along with windows – was the predominate philosophy in the industry. Some […]

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Solar Panel Cleaning in Oakland

  We have a team of 5 window cleaners on Grand Ave. in Oakland today cleaning windows for a large commercial office space. The job also includes solar panel cleaning. It’s important to have your solar panels cleaned regularly to ensure peak energy output. Studies estimate that solar panel performance can increase by 25-30% when […]

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