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What’s a Gutter Screen and Do I Need One?

While there are multiple types, the purpose of a gutter screen (or guard) is to reduce the amount of solid material in your house gutters. The need for them, however, is not so easy to answer. Arguments for Gutter Screens When properly installed and maintained, there are many good reasons for gutter screens: The primary […]

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The #1 Tip for Home Fire Protection this Summer

One of the many beauties of this urban center is the easy access to nature given the vast number of parks, open spaces, and reserves maintained by city, county, regional, state, and national agencies. Summers in the San Francisco Bay Area is full of festivals, music, and other outdoor activities, frequently in these area parks. […]

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The Best Kept Secret to Increasing the Life of Your Home

Gutter cleaning tends to be low on the list of most home maintenance lists, especially in the drought ridded San Francisco Bay Area. The truth is that clean gutters can prevent major home repairs in the future – most especially in areas of drought. When clear of debris, your home’s gutters collect and divert water […]

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Prevent Dangerous Fires. Have Us Clean Your Roof.

With the California drought wearing on in the San Francisco Bay Area comes the increased risk of fires. Roof cleaning and gutter cleaning can help prevent unexpected fires on your property this season by making sure all of the dried leaves and debris are cleared away. We spent 6+ hours cleaning dry, fire-prone debris from […]

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