Benefits of Professionally Cleaned Windows: Allergies

In the San Francisco Bay Area, any season can be allergy season – it just depends on what you’re allergic to. However, as a drought state, many complain of dust, grass, and pollution allergies. Additionally, despite being a drought state, the region’s humidity can aggravate mold allergies.

More Reasons to Have Your Windows Professionally Cleaned!

Professional window cleanings are actually a great way to reduce the allergens around your home.

  • Windows: window panes themselves do not collect many allergens, but you’d be amazed at how much better you can feel looking out a bright clean window.
  • Window Screens: screens, on the other hand, are excellent collectors of all sorts of stuff. Screens are excellent at catching whatever is blowing around outside – including dust, pollen, and pollutants.

Many areas of the Bay Area do not have (or need) air conditioning; however, that means that lovely days that call for open windows allow for all the garbage in your screens to enter your house. And, with our temperate, and temperamental, weather, that day is as likely to be in November as May.

  • Window Tracks: window tracks, like lampshades, are superior collectors of dust and dead flies. Additionally, they are great places for mold, especially when you have older windows that do not seal perfectly. While it is generally an extra service, most window washing services do provide deep cleaning for tracks.
  • (Non-Fabric) Window Blinds: not all window cleaners offer blind cleaning, and few of those have the right equipment to clean fabric blinds. That said, wood, metal, and plastic slats do an excellent job collecting dust and other air particles. If your cleaner offers blind cleanings, your lungs will be happier when you use it.

Go Professional

Yes, you could clean all of these things yourself. That does not mean that you do. And, if you did, how well would you do the job?

Professional window washers have the training and tools to efficiently and thoroughly clean windows, screens, tracks, and blinds – especially those hard to reach ones.