Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning: Mood

You do not need a SAD (seasonal affective disorder) diagnosis to feel down in the dark. Plenty of studies correlate light and mood – if you have more light, you tend to have a better mood. Turns out that light deprivation literally kills the brain.

Yet, it is important to know that not all light is created equal. While bright light is good, nothing beats natural light.

Most of us feel better when we go outside, especially on a sunny day – and not just because we’re playing hooky from work. Sunlight is good for us in many ways; the key, and contrary, thing that light does is help our bodies regulate our sleep. Sleep is when our bodies heal, when our brains figure out problems, and how we recharge physically and emotionally. When we get enough good sleep, we are happier, smarter, and more effective.

The good news (or bad, depending on how you feel about your job), is that you do not need to be outside to gain sleep benefits from sunlight. The more natural lighting you have in your indoor environment, the more you benefit. Many windows, big windows, and skylights flood your home and workplace with natural light – improving your sleep, increasing your energy, and reducing your dependence on artificial light. Your power bills will go down too.

What, you may ask, does natural light have to do with professional window cleaning?

Does your space seem dark, despite all the windows? That’s because THEY ARE DIRTY!

Dingy windows reduce your natural light exposure. Dirty window screens can turn your bright space into a cave. And, as a horizontal window, skylights get dirtier faster than the rest.

So, now you may argue that you can clean your own windows. True, but do you? And do you have the tools for the ones up high, overlooking a cliff, or the skylights?

Professional window cleaners have the tools and training to effectively clean all of your windows, inside and out – not just the ones you can reach with the help of a step stool.